Nymphomaniac Volume 1&2 (2013) Film Review

When well-educated Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard) finds Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) beaten in an alley, he decides to take her in. They spend a long night together and Joe recounts her often-sordid life story. She focuses on her many sexual experiences and walks Seligman through her life, right up to the point he finds her in the alleyway.


Lars Von Trier is a director that likes to shock. From the hideous handjob in Antichrist to the corruption of Billy Elliot in Nymphomanac, Von Trier has alienated audiences. Nymphomaniac is really no exception and fits pretty nicely into his European inspired art house output. Continue reading “Nymphomaniac Volume 1&2 (2013) Film Review”