The Sun Sets on the Golden Age of Television – Justified Retrospective

The contemporary sun sets on an old sort of story as Justified ends its 6-season run. It was unwatched, overlooked, and unloved, but it was arrogant too – it faced off criticism with a considerable show of strong and compelling … Continue reading The Sun Sets on the Golden Age of Television – Justified Retrospective

Marco Polo (2014) TV Review

Netflix has produced a new television show chronicling the tale of a young westerner who finds himself the ‘guest’ of the Khan of Khans, Kublai Khan. Marco Polo is less the tale of one man, and more the story of many.


Anyone with any sort of finger on the pulse of contemporary entertainment will be aware of HBO’s hugely successful Game of Thrones (2011), and perhaps even the History Channel’s Vikings (2013). Marco Polo has overt similarities with both of those shows but it is also something else entirely. With a grandiose aura and a reliance on the internal workings of the Mongolian regal courts, it is a narrative with huge potential. Continue reading “Marco Polo (2014) TV Review”

Please Like Me (2013) Season One Review

Please Like Me is a mumblecore dramedy from Australia starring Josh Thomas as a twenty year old coming to terms with being gay, losing his girlfriend, and a suicide attempt by his mother.


Please Like Me is an Australian sitcom from comedian Josh Thomas. It airs on the Pivot network, a channel known for its portrayal of post college malaise for “passionate millenials.” The show certainly taps into the Girls (2012) craze for exposition on twenty somethings written by twenty somethings. It’s also really funny, quirky, and all of the other requisite descriptions that advertise this niche. Continue reading “Please Like Me (2013) Season One Review”

Louie Returns with a Double Bill

After the exhilarating emotional high of the season 3 finale, Louie seemed to have won some sort of internal battle. Season 4 however begins with a much more downbeat tone and sees Louie return to an unhappy and lonely state of being.


Louie is a sitcom written, devised, and directed by Louie CK. It’s a show that has seen many pop culture icons grace its episodes. Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, and David Lynch are a few that spring to mind. In each instance, Louie is a show that likes to challenge and reuse familiar television tropes with an ironic, and humour orientated tone. Continue reading “Louie Returns with a Double Bill”

24: Live Another Day

24 is back and much the same as it always was. It’s four years since we last saw Jack Bauer, and now he resurfaces in London and 24 returns to the small screen.


With the return of 24 it seems that TV has come full circle. Here’s a review of this weeks double bill with no spoilers. Continue reading “24: Live Another Day”