God’s Pocket (2014) Film Review

Mickey Scarpato (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a small time but connected street hustler in Philadelphia. When his wife’s (Christina Hendricks) son dies in suspicious circumstances Mickey does his best to keep it quiet. However a nosey and determined washed up alcoholic writer (Richard Jenkins) is determined to find out the truth.


God’s Pocket is a place in Philadelphia. It’s a place of community, working class folks, and it doesn’t appreciate outsiders. The residents keep to themselves and it’s a place that’s reflective of many post-industrial blue-collar neighbourhoods. God’s Pocket is a depressed area economically and in John Slattery’s debut movie the folks themselves don’t seem much happier. Continue reading “God’s Pocket (2014) Film Review”

Love Liza (2002) Film Review

Wilson is an emotional wreck following his wife’s suicide and he turns to sniffing petrol fumes in attempt to deal with his grief. His wife’s suicide note remains sealed and Wilson cannot bring himself to open it.


Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in the little known and largely forgotten Love Liza (2002). Hoffman plays the tragic Wilson who has many psychological, physical, and emotional issues to deal with. The recent death of his wife has left Wilson with a pretty severe addiction to petrol fumes. Continue reading “Love Liza (2002) Film Review”

Philip Seymour Hoffman – A Legacy In Film

The recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman at 43 was a shock and a blow to many. Hoffman left behind a substantial legacy in film. In memory of Mr. Hoffman here is a retrospective of some of his best performances. Some are obscure, some are well known, but in each Hoffman showcased his considerable talents, often alongside some of the biggest stars of his generation.


When people die the hidden things come out, those actions or vices that they never wanted shared become known. For Hoffman his battle with drug addiction was one that he lost and one that we are all now familiar with. His death was a shock to many but to his friends it arrived in perhaps the manner they had warned him about. Continue reading “Philip Seymour Hoffman – A Legacy In Film”