Films and TV to watch on Amazon Prime

I recently signed up to Amazon Prime and as I’d rather not pay anything above the monthly price, I’ve been trawling through the Prime movies and TV on offer. There’s a number of blockbuster and better-known films on the service but if you’re anything like me you’ve probably seen most, if not all of them.

So I figured that it might be useful to start compiling a list of good films to watch on Amazon Prime, ones that come with the basic service. There are loads but to find them you have to really seek them out. Here are some of my finds, and I’m likely to write some more detailed reviews in the future. Continue reading “Films and TV to watch on Amazon Prime”

Love Liza (2002) Film Review

Wilson is an emotional wreck following his wife’s suicide and he turns to sniffing petrol fumes in attempt to deal with his grief. His wife’s suicide note remains sealed and Wilson cannot bring himself to open it.


Philip Seymour Hoffman stars in the little known and largely forgotten Love Liza (2002). Hoffman plays the tragic Wilson who has many psychological, physical, and emotional issues to deal with. The recent death of his wife has left Wilson with a pretty severe addiction to petrol fumes. Continue reading “Love Liza (2002) Film Review”