Tusk (2014) Film Review

 A young podcaster heads to Canada seeking a story. What he finds there is certainly not what he expected.


Tusk is Kevin Smith’s new film and although it strays far from his other work it still retains his distinctive voice. It’s conversation heavy and it wears its influences for all to see. Tusk is a film with marked internet references and allusions to such notable performers as the Star Wars kid. Continue reading “Tusk (2014) Film Review”

Clerks 3 in the Works

Kevin Smith’s cult double bill looks set to become a trilogy. Smith has recently released the movie Tusk and it seems that it has paved the way for Clerks 3.

kevin_smith_spoilers_largeTusk is Smith’s latest movie and it hasn’t done quite as well as he may have hoped. It’s a horror film in the same vein as Red State however Tusk has allowed Smith to fund his third instalment and revisit that famous convenience store. Continue reading “Clerks 3 in the Works”

Weekend Watching: Chasing Amy

Holden (Ben Affleck), a comic book artist falls for Alyssa. The only problem is, she’s a lesbian.


Chasing Amy (1997) is Kevin Smith’s third film in the loosely linked Jersey trilogy. The first, Clerks, is an ode to generation X slackers stuck working in a menial job. The second is Mallrats, a film that didn’t do so well, and the third is Chasing Amy. This is by far Kevin Smith’s most mature work and in amongst the sexually charged humour a gentle, poignant, and often bittersweet comedy emerges. Continue reading “Weekend Watching: Chasing Amy”