Boy A (2007) Film Review

Friends can lead you astray and pre-teen Eric learns this hard lesson when his mate Philip convinces him to murder a young girl. Both boys are put on trial and deemed innately evil and forced to spend their teen years in prison. Now aged 24, Eric has been released, given a new identity, and thrown back into society.

Boy A

Many viewers will see marked similarities in Boy A (2007) to the real-life case of two young British boys who took a little boy from a shopping mall. This realism lends a difficult moral tone to the film and it’s difficult to see if someone who committed such a horrible crime can ever be forgiven. Based on a novel by Jonathan Trigell, Boy A poses questions with no clear or definitive answer. Is a child truly to blame for his or her actions and can that child ever heal and experience redemption? Boy A never answers any questions definitively but it does challenge the notion that a child could be inherently evil. Continue reading “Boy A (2007) Film Review”