Weekend Watching: Brick

High school and film noir collide in Rian Johnson’s directorial debut. Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as loner Brendan who sets out to uncover what happened to his femme fatale ex-girlfriend when her body is found.


Brick (2006) is a quirky indie that did very well at Sundance. Rian Johnson deftly uses a high school as the place to set his neo-noir opus. It borrows stylistically from the genre’s great writers like Dashiell Hammet, James M. Cain, or Raymond Chandler. But Johnson finds something unique in his stylised take on adolescence. Continue reading “Weekend Watching: Brick”

Don Jon (2013) Film Review

Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon Levitt) fancies himself to be a ladies man however when he falls for Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) he decides to settle down. This is harder than he anticipates and Jon finds giving up his true passion, internet porn, much more difficult.


Don Jon opens as it means to go on. The slick montage that greets viewers bombards them with hyper-sexualised, pop culture imagery. This montage serves to introduce Don through external symbols. Don Jon is a man who finds meaning from his job, his apartment, and masturbation. Jon moves from his montage to a coldly light room. Don masturbates to the lonely glow of a laptop screen and the theme of the movie becomes apparent: objectification. Continue reading “Don Jon (2013) Film Review”