Nightcrawler (2014) Film Review

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a gaunt LA resident that stalks late night streets in a search for loot and easy pickings. He is smart, savvy, and above all solipsistic. He’s in it for himself and he’ll do whatever it takes to better his life – even at the expense of others.


People are inherently strange. There’s no blueprint to follow, there’s no standard, and we all just live our lives and view reality from subjective perspectives. Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) is no exception, in fact he’s sociopathic, atomised from society, and his postmodern late night sleepless existence is both alienating and alluring. Continue reading “Nightcrawler (2014) Film Review”

The Films of David Fincher

With Fincher’s latest (Gone Girl) getting such enthusiastic press it seems like as good a time as any to revisit some of the director’s most notable projects. David Fincher has been directing movies for twenty years but in that time he has only ten projects to his name.

However Fincher’s name has nearly always ensured a good film so let’s look back through the director’s  catalogue. Continue reading “The Films of David Fincher”

Enemy (2013) Film Review

When Adam (Gyllenhaal) rents a movie he finds his reality challenged and perhaps even threatened. An actor in the film looks exactly like him and Adam feels the need to investigate.

Enemy-2Jake Gyllenhaal is an actor that often picks intriguing character based roles. There was the obvious exception of Prince of Persia, but other than that Gyllenhaal’s career has been as diverse as it has been varied. From his early role in Donnie Darko, through Brokeback Mountain, to his more recent work in Zodiac, Prisoners and End of Watch, the actor has rarely put a foot wrong. Continue reading “Enemy (2013) Film Review”