Pacifist GTA, Fresh Coffee, and Creative Writing

Mr Grob Clothing

It feels that I’m actually working as a writer now. This is a huge leap forward just in the way that I see myself but it has also provided me with far more confidence to get on with writing. I’m starting to recognise the way that I work, my thought processes, and the approach that works best for me. In fact only yesterday I read an article on the creative process on the Ted website. Yes, Ted can feel unrealistically idealistic at times but it is also a space that can challenge, inform, and inspire. Have a look at the article as it certainly helped my approach to creative writing. Continue reading “Pacifist GTA, Fresh Coffee, and Creative Writing”

Rapunzel, Noir (Short Story)

The Last Stop

In every area of life there is tragedy. I never needed to look far. It always seemed to find me. I always wanted to get out of town, take the red eye, and wake up somewhere clean. Instead here I was in L.A. on a dark rain soaked night in a dive bar. The bar was called The Last Stop or at least something like that. The sign was nearly gone and no one cared to remember. I was drinking to forget, leaning heavily on the bar. I had little to my name, a pack of Camels and an old military issue pistol. I lit a cigarette and exhaled slowly.

I had a girl on my mind. She was a lovely creature with long golden hair, a singer. Her stage name was Rapunzel. She belonged to Harry Wilcott and Harry kept her locked up. He was the jealous type and wouldn’t let her be seen. I was a detective but I’d also worked for Harry, been on his payroll. I had learned to look the other way, keep Harry’s interests in mind. Continue reading “Rapunzel, Noir (Short Story)”