Gone Girl (2014) Film Review

Marriage isn’t always loving, kind, and honest. Sometimes it’s the things that we hide that say the most about who we are. David Fincher’s latest film dissects the modern marriage and explores just how difficult the arrangement can be.


We often like to put labels on things, it makes them mean something more and it lets us become complacent. A young couple falls in love, they find meaning with each other, and then they want to share that with the world. This leads to marriage, children, and a future together.

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Weekend Watching: Chasing Amy

Holden (Ben Affleck), a comic book artist falls for Alyssa. The only problem is, she’s a lesbian.


Chasing Amy (1997) is Kevin Smith’s third film in the loosely linked Jersey trilogy. The first, Clerks, is an ode to generation X slackers stuck working in a menial job. The second is Mallrats, a film that didn’t do so well, and the third is Chasing Amy. This is by far Kevin Smith’s most mature work and in amongst the sexually charged humour a gentle, poignant, and often bittersweet comedy emerges. Continue reading “Weekend Watching: Chasing Amy”