Big Bad Wolves (2013) Film Review

Moral lines are blurred in Big Bad Wolves, a tense Israeli thriller.

A series of child murders is blamed on Dror (Keinan), who is in turn stalked by homicide cop Miki (Ashkenazi), and then abducted by grieving father Gidi (Grad) who is in search of answers. All three end up in a rural basement where Gidi tortures Dror with increasing violence, and Miki begins to question Dror’s guilt.


Big Bad Wolves (2013) is an Israeli film from directors Aharon Keshales and Avot Papushado. It’s their second film together and their first, Rabies, marked the pair as filmmakers with promise. Big Bad Wolves delivers on that promise and the film balances an interesting mismatch of genres – from horror to macabre comedy. The film is reminiscent of any number of revenge inspired thrillers (perhaps Prisoners is the best recent example) and it’s infused with a quick patter and retro-coloured visuals. Big Bad Wolves relies on subtext and within the Israeli context it has deeper and more prevalent allusions to the War on Terror and ideas of vengeance. There’s the implication that the torture techniques employed by the characters were learned in their conscripted military service. Continue reading “Big Bad Wolves (2013) Film Review”