Red Riding Trilogy Revisited

Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) is a young reporter investigating the Yorkshire ripper. His research uncovers an illicit world of police corruption, racism, and brutality all under the shadow of the ripper’s killing spree.


The Red Riding Trilogy is thematically very dark and is set over the course of a number of years, 1974 – 1983. The trilogy spans a very long 302 minutes and throughout viewers find themselves in a very unpleasant world full of corrupt authority figures and perhaps most pertinently a lack of justice. Based loosely on the real life Yorkshire ripper, the fictional counterpart in Red Riding enjoys a certain autonomy and a baffling ability to avoid being caught. Continue reading “Red Riding Trilogy Revisited”

Boy A (2007) Film Review

Friends can lead you astray and pre-teen Eric learns this hard lesson when his mate Philip convinces him to murder a young girl. Both boys are put on trial and deemed innately evil and forced to spend their teen years in prison. Now aged 24, Eric has been released, given a new identity, and thrown back into society.

Boy A

Many viewers will see marked similarities in Boy A (2007) to the real-life case of two young British boys who took a little boy from a shopping mall. This realism lends a difficult moral tone to the film and it’s difficult to see if someone who committed such a horrible crime can ever be forgiven. Based on a novel by Jonathan Trigell, Boy A poses questions with no clear or definitive answer. Is a child truly to blame for his or her actions and can that child ever heal and experience redemption? Boy A never answers any questions definitively but it does challenge the notion that a child could be inherently evil. Continue reading “Boy A (2007) Film Review”