A Guide to People Per Hour


I’ve recently started working as a freelance writer. By recently I mean that I’ve been doing it for some time but have only just started to get consistent work. There are plenty of qualifying statements to make actually. I’m getting work but it’s requiring a lot of time, effort, and most importantly writing for little reward. Continue reading “A Guide to People Per Hour”

TV You Should be Watching Right Now

I watch a lot of TV at the moment and there are some new shows on that I’ve been enjoying. There are also a number of great shows back with new seasons so I thought I’d write up some of what I’m watching.


Mad Men

Mad Men’s back for its final season and it’s three episodes in. For those uninitiated or simply uninformed Mad Men charts the story of Don Draper, an advertising executive in New York in the sixties. It’s not just about Don however and the multiple interlocking characters and their lives make Mad Men a pretty compelling drama series. Continue reading “TV You Should be Watching Right Now”

Dom Hemingway (2013) Film Review

“12 fucking years I kept my mouth shut,” says Jude Law’s brash and noisy Dom Hemingway. It’s hard not to wish he had taken those words to heart. Law’s humourless performance is incessant in its uncouth chatter.


Dom Hemingway is a 2013 British film about a London ‘geeza’ who has just been released from a twelve-year stint in Her Majesty’s custody. He returns to a London that seems to be carved straight out of a Guy Ritchie movie and unfortunately it lacks any of the pulpy realism. Written and directed by Matador scribe Richard Shepard, and with little of anything even close to substance, Dom Hemingway shouts, vents, and punches with loads of noise but little force. Continue reading “Dom Hemingway (2013) Film Review”