Broad City (2014) Season One Review

For fans of television shows like Girls (2012) and Workaholics (2011) there’s a new kid on the block – Broad City. It’s the story of two twenty something’s living in Manhattan. It’s a story we’ve seen before but it has new characters. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson star as Broad City’s unwitting millennial mouthpieces.


Being young isn’t easy. Between getting a job, cleaning your apartment, and calling your parents once a week, it can be difficult to spend your time well. In most cases folks simply forget the daily and weekly chores. Our heroines in Broad City are no exception. Continue reading “Broad City (2014) Season One Review”

Red Riding Trilogy Revisited

Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) is a young reporter investigating the Yorkshire ripper. His research uncovers an illicit world of police corruption, racism, and brutality all under the shadow of the ripper’s killing spree.


The Red Riding Trilogy is thematically very dark and is set over the course of a number of years, 1974 – 1983. The trilogy spans a very long 302 minutes and throughout viewers find themselves in a very unpleasant world full of corrupt authority figures and perhaps most pertinently a lack of justice. Based loosely on the real life Yorkshire ripper, the fictional counterpart in Red Riding enjoys a certain autonomy and a baffling ability to avoid being caught. Continue reading “Red Riding Trilogy Revisited”

Top US Drama Series

Hollywood has often been seen as the benchmark for film and there’s been a huge emphasis on the US film industry. In fact its influence on pop culture can often be seen as disproportionate but there’s also good reason for its success. A lot of money is spent devising and promoting film content in the United States. This trend has moved over into the television sector in the last decade or so.


Now, there are show runners and TV auteurs. They’re driven people who push their content and its narrative as far as they can. TV is no longer just about story and setting, but about characters and the increasingly detailed worlds that those characters inhabit reflect the desire from viewers for high quality TV. Continue reading “Top US Drama Series”

Louie Returns with a Double Bill

After the exhilarating emotional high of the season 3 finale, Louie seemed to have won some sort of internal battle. Season 4 however begins with a much more downbeat tone and sees Louie return to an unhappy and lonely state of being.


Louie is a sitcom written, devised, and directed by Louie CK. It’s a show that has seen many pop culture icons grace its episodes. Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, and David Lynch are a few that spring to mind. In each instance, Louie is a show that likes to challenge and reuse familiar television tropes with an ironic, and humour orientated tone. Continue reading “Louie Returns with a Double Bill”

24: Live Another Day

24 is back and much the same as it always was. It’s four years since we last saw Jack Bauer, and now he resurfaces in London and 24 returns to the small screen.


With the return of 24 it seems that TV has come full circle. Here’s a review of this weeks double bill with no spoilers. Continue reading “24: Live Another Day”