Netflix to Release Original Movies

Netflix has done very well of late and its original programming catalogue is giving even the most established cable providers pause for thought. Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have quickly become household names and it looks like Netflix intends to continue that success with original movies.

header-michelle-yeoh-back-for-crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon-2It seems that we are moving towards a new era of narrative film and television and that those mediums are becoming increasingly blurred. Continue reading “Netflix to Release Original Movies”

Clerks 3 in the Works

Kevin Smith’s cult double bill looks set to become a trilogy. Smith has recently released the movie Tusk and it seems that it has paved the way for Clerks 3.

kevin_smith_spoilers_largeTusk is Smith’s latest movie and it hasn’t done quite as well as he may have hoped. It’s a horror film in the same vein as Red State however Tusk has allowed Smith to fund his third instalment and revisit that famous convenience store. Continue reading “Clerks 3 in the Works”