The Films of David Fincher

With Fincher’s latest (Gone Girl) getting such enthusiastic press it seems like as good a time as any to revisit some of the director’s most notable projects. David Fincher has been directing movies for twenty years but in that time he has only ten projects to his name.

However Fincher’s name has nearly always ensured a good film so let’s look back through the director’s  catalogue. Continue reading “The Films of David Fincher”

The Films of Richard Linklater

With the release of a new trailer and a rapidly approaching general release for Richard Linklater’s Boyhood it seems apt to have a look back at his varied and interesting career.


Richard Linklater was part of an indie film making movement in the nineties and his films have portrayed the maligned and marginalised. He’s experimented with roto-scoping in both A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life and Linklater often pushes for intriguing narratives that question the contemporary condition. Continue reading “The Films of Richard Linklater”