A Guide to People Per Hour


I’ve recently started working as a freelance writer. By recently I mean that I’ve been doing it for some time but have only just started to get consistent work. There are plenty of qualifying statements to make actually. I’m getting work but it’s requiring a lot of time, effort, and most importantly writing for little reward. Continue reading “A Guide to People Per Hour”

The Writing Process


A story doesn’t just fall into your lap. Instead it comes to you in stages and you wrestle with it. It’s something that you love, that means a lot to you but you can end up hating it. You need to understand the creative process before you start writing. That way you can rest assured that you’re not the first writer to go through any storytelling pangs. Continue reading “The Writing Process”

Pacifist GTA, Fresh Coffee, and Creative Writing

Mr Grob Clothing

It feels that I’m actually working as a writer now. This is a huge leap forward just in the way that I see myself but it has also provided me with far more confidence to get on with writing. I’m starting to recognise the way that I work, my thought processes, and the approach that works best for me. In fact only yesterday I read an article on the creative process on the Ted website. Yes, Ted can feel unrealistically idealistic at times but it is also a space that can challenge, inform, and inspire. Have a look at the article as it certainly helped my approach to creative writing. Continue reading “Pacifist GTA, Fresh Coffee, and Creative Writing”

Worst Storyline Ever Competition

The worst movie ever made?
The worst movie ever made?

There’s a competition over at Writers in the Storm. They’re looking for creative log lines selling the worst storyline ever. The rules are simple enough and it’s a good challenge. Reading through the submissions on their competition page makes for some humorous escapism. It’s a lovely long list of films that will never be. Continue reading “Worst Storyline Ever Competition”

Dave Killed Kurt (It’s not a conspiracy) and Other News

Found a series of images by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy (@BillytheButcher)
I found a series of grunge Street Fighter hybrids by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy. (@BillytheButcher)

I don’t like not writing. It seems that these days are more filled with words than ever before. I have a number of new projects on the horizon, and I have yet to properly complete my television pilot series. Busyness is a good thing but it can be hard to keep on top of everything that you’re up to. Continue reading “Dave Killed Kurt (It’s not a conspiracy) and Other News”