Content Creation for Storkey Media: A List

I’ve worked at Storkey Media for the past four months. I’ve written a number of articles for their blog, discussing the importance of brand storytelling, authentic content marketing, and what marketers can learn from big brands like Apple, and niche writers like Jonathan Gold.

Here’s a list of links to some of the content I created for Storkey Media:

How to Build a Brand Through Content Creation

How to build a brand 2

Considering how content creation can shape a brand, this article focuses on LA food critic Jonathan Gold, and what marketers can learn from his writing.

Read the full article here.

How to Use eBooks in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


This article considers how to use an eBook in content marketing, how it can boost your web presence, increase traffic to your website, and generally make your brand more prominent within your niche.

Read the full article here.

Why Google Plus Will Never Die (And Why You Should Be Using It)


The new and improved Google Plus is Reddit all grown up. In this post I discuss how marketers can capitalise on the platform, and how they can better reach relevant audiences via the community and collections features.

Read the full article here.

How to Use Fairytales to Market Your Brand


Storytelling is an effective way for content creators to market a brand. In this article I consider the elements that contribute to an excellent story, and how brands can craft a memorable identity through a compelling narrative.

Read the full article here.

Watch Your Language: Picking the Right Words for Your Brand


The words used by a brand have to resonate with meaning. A well thought out marketing plan for a business must include a thoughtful tone of voice document. This article discusses how marketers can develop a brand’s identity through language alone.

Read the full article here.

42 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Plan


Many businesses don’t understand just how important a relevant and engaged social media presence is. And even the ones that do aren’t monitoring or measuring their success on social channels. This article explores why a business needs a social media plan in order to be successful on digital channels.

Read the full article here.

Enticing Content and the Power of Visuals


Everything that a business says or does adds to its branding. The overall aesthetic of all branded communications has to be clear, and visually appealing. This article explores how a business can develop an image conscious brand through content creation.

Read the full article here.

The Storkey Media Approach to Authentic Content Marketing


This is a brand positioning statement I wrote for Storkey Media. It states a collection of values for all content going forwards:

The things that we write should cost us. The statements we make should be thought through and ready to be challenged. Our work should speak for us, and we should build brands based on old fashioned ideas like excellent service, high quality craftsmanship, and customer-centric experiences.

Read the full article here.

Finding Your Online Voice Through the Power of Storytelling


Content writing has to be so much more than creating advertisements. This article discusses how outstanding content can build a brand’s story, defining its voice in the process.

Read the full article here.

All images created by Vlad Radu for Storkey Media, an integrated marketing agency.

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