Pacifist GTA, Fresh Coffee, and Creative Writing

Mr Grob Clothing

It feels that I’m actually working as a writer now. This is a huge leap forward just in the way that I see myself but it has also provided me with far more confidence to get on with writing. I’m starting to recognise the way that I work, my thought processes, and the approach that works best for me. In fact only yesterday I read an article on the creative process on the Ted website. Yes, Ted can feel unrealistically idealistic at times but it is also a space that can challenge, inform, and inspire. Have a look at the article as it certainly helped my approach to creative writing.

I have started to find creative approaches in other walks of my life too. I recently discovered the Pacifist GTA series of videos on YouTube from Gold Vision. This series involves the game player attempting to avoid violence, to be a considerate and productive member of society, and to test if the game itself allows for that kind of existence. It’s an interesting concept and it challenges the way that you perceive Grand Theft Auto as a franchise. In fact after several hours of playing like this the desire for destruction seemed archaic, brutal, and ridiculous.

However you can’t avoid violence entirely in GTA. I ended up being beaten to death, eaten by a wildcat, and genuinely struggling to survive – there are very few legitimate ways to make money in Los Santos. But as an experiment it works as it completely changes the way that you perceive Rockstar’s world. It becomes more peaceful and you lose the sense that the story simply revolves around your character and you as the gamer. In fact it seems to promote a certain type of empathy for the AI characters, and the other online gamers, that didn’t exist before. Just don’t expect anyone else to be playing the same game that you are.

New discoveries

Another area of my life that has improved is my coffee drinking. I’ve recently been introduced to Pact Coffee, a UK based company that sends freshly ground coffee in the post. They have a wonderful ethos, they have lovely coffee, and I’m genuinely pleased when it arrives via my letterbox. As a writer I drink a lot of coffee and Pact has ensured that I spend more time crafting it and making the best coffee I can.

I’d recommend paying them a visit and trying out their products. There is a definite shift at the moment towards artisan products and it really pays off. Pact Coffee is far better than any supermarket alternative and I really appreciate the company and its products.

The other company that I want to mention here is Magic Flight. If you don’t know them, they’re a company from the U.S. that produces herbal vaporizers. They have single handedly stopped me smoking cigarettes and using their product has really helped me to breathe more easily. I’m mentioning them now though because their products come with a lifetime warranty meaning that if you break your vaporizer they’ll replace it.

Well, unfortunately I ripped the screen in my Flight Box this week but I emailed Magic Flight and they have sent me a replacement in the post. There was no questions asked and they even threw in a couple of free accessories for my vaporizer. This is how a company should be and they have out done themselves honouring their promises to me.

My work

In the last week or so I’ve been devoting a considerable amount of time towards selling my screenplay. I finished my Masters recently and as my final piece I wrote a pilot screenplay for an original drama series. I’m really happy with the final result and I would (of course) love to see it on television screens. As such I’ve been approaching agents and seeking representation.

I’ve not got any responses yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I will update you all when I know more.

I’m sure you’re all aware of my new writing and illustration project with James Birmingham. (If not please pay us a visit and start a conversation.) We’ve got some exciting news too. We have some bespoke t shirts in development courtesy of the talented William Grob so keep us bookmarked for more developments. I’m currently working on slogans, branding, and figuring out how to market this new part of our project.

Finally then I have some recommendations for you. There’s a new short story on davekilledkurt from Jasmine Irving that deserves a read (and a share). Then of course it’s Monday so on TV there’s Homeland, The Walking Dead, and The Affair. Also, on BBC iPlayer there’s the Foo Fighter’s HBO series Sonic Highways with the Foos being the least exciting part of the show. They’re great music documentaries though and it seems that Mr. Grohl is something of a music geek (he also knows everybody).

And I have one video game suggestion for you: Bayonetta. I picked up the original game on PS3 for a couple of pounds. The narrative is insane but it’s pure button bashing mayhem that you can really enjoy although it is incredibly difficult with a steep learning curve. My one suggestion; always be dodging.

I’ll leave you with a music video (more short film really) from Paolo Nutini. The Scottish singer’s album from earlier this year is lovely and the video below really highlights the emotion inherent in his song writing. Look out for the brief interlude courtesy of Charlie Chaplin.


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