Writing For markITwrite


I’ve been writing a lot in the last year. I spent a considerable amount of time developing a screenplay, completing my Masters in Professional Writing, and scribing over 500 articles for markITwrite.

Based in Falmouth, markITwrite are a digital content agency in the technology niche and I worked for them as their Senior Writer and Editor. My job was a busy one and I was expected to write five articles a day, most days ensuring that my word count was above 5,000.

I wrote for a number of clients and I developed my own tone of voice. Some of the clients I wrote for include:

• Sponge UK
• Its Monkie Solutions
• 201 Digital
• Brighter Software
• MarkITwrite
• GetResponse
• PowerAdmin
• Spring Media Design

I also wrote a number of articles for markITwrite’s website. They are original titles that I developed myself and I had complete control over what I wrote and published. This is some of the better work that I’ve done for a client.

Pop over to markITwrite and have a read. There’s a myriad of titles so I’m sure something will peak your interest.

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