Clerks 3 in the Works

Kevin Smith’s cult double bill looks set to become a trilogy. Smith has recently released the movie Tusk and it seems that it has paved the way for Clerks 3.

kevin_smith_spoilers_largeTusk is Smith’s latest movie and it hasn’t done quite as well as he may have hoped. It’s a horror film in the same vein as Red State however Tusk has allowed Smith to fund his third instalment and revisit that famous convenience store.

Smith has apparently had a finished screenplay for Clerks 3 for some time. The third part will also be the last. But it hasn’t always seemed likely that Smith would manage to get Clerks 3 into production and this is a view that he expressed himself.

“A year and change ago, I was trying fucking desperately to get Clerks 3 made for the 20th anniversary, and that desperation, I must have reeked of it.

But it was Tusk, it was people going “Holy fuck what else do you have?” And I was like, ‘Clerks 3.’ And they were like, ‘Done.’ So, everybody that’s like, ‘He failed, he failed,’ I’m like ‘Thank you, I failed into doing Clerks 3.’

Tusk is the first film in Kevin Smith’s new True North Trilogy and it follows the tale of a podcaster that’s kidnapped by a sailor with a walrus obsession. Smith intends to use the same actors across the trilogy with the second part being titled Yoga Hosers and the third Moose Jaws (Smith described the third instalment as “Jaws, with a moose.”

Tusk hasn’t done very well but Smith doesn’t seem to mind. The failure of this film has still led to the outcome that Smith has wanted for years – Clerks 3. In fact Smith himself has joked about the lack of Tusk’s success on Twitter.

“SEE THE FLICK that nobody say last weekend!”

However Kevin Smith still enjoys a cult status and a film doing badly at the box office doesn’t mean that it will do poorly on VOD or when it’s released on DVD. Perhaps it’s not fair to declare Tusk a terrible movie quite yet.

Thanks then to Smith’s latest film (but not it’s success at the box office) for the potential return of Clerks 3. There’s no word on when that will be but it will be a welcome return to Jersey with Smith at the helm.

Clerks was always the most definitive movie in Kevin Smith’s eclectic career so there is a lot riding on Clerks 3. It seems though the Smith has already put his unique creative stamp on the movie describing it as “the Empire Strikes Back of what’s now become the Clerk Trilogy.”

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